Top 10 Carpet Cleaning facts and myths

1.) MYTH: I can have my Carpets Cleaned for $5.95 per room or even $49.99 for 3 rooms.

FACT: Any company that advertises extremely low pricing is in the practice of bait and switch. They WILL quote you a different price once they arrive at the appointment and most customers feel pressured and end up paying more than they would had they hired a reputable company in the first place. Please watch our  breaking news video on our home page so you don't fall victim to this unethical practice.

2.) MYTH: Steam cleaning will damage my carpets

FACT: Steam cleaning is the most widely accepted cleaning method by carpet manufacturers. The key is to use a qualified company with trained technicians. If steam cleaning is done improperly it can cause over wetting and dame the backing of your carpet.

3.) MYTH: Walking barefooted is ok for my carpets

FACT: Walking on your carpets in your bare feet will leave oils and attract dirt much faster. You should always walk on your carpets in a clean pair of socks, slippers or shoes.

4.) MYTH: I should only clean my carpets when I see dirt

FACT: What you don't see can be harmful to your health and your families health. Even though you may not see dirt you may have dust mites and other bacteria residing in your carpets. It is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned twice yearly or more if you receive heavy traffic. Your carpets are a huge investment and if you wait until you see soil then you've waited too long and may reduce the usable life.

5.) MYTH: I can clean my carpets myself with my own machine or rent one from the local store

FACT: Although you may be tempted to clean your carpets yourself the fact is that these machines cannot penetrate the carpet fibers like a commercial machine and often will leave your carpets over wet and even leave a residue that will cause your carpets to attract soil much faster in the future. Over wetting your carpet could cause the delaminating of your backing which is what holds your fibers together. Trying to do it yourself and saving money can be a costly mistake and the truth is, in the end hiring a professional like Go Green Carpet Clean will be a much better value and you'll have the satisfaction that your carpets are protected.

6.) MYTH: Large Nationally recognized companies are better than local family owned

FACT: Large National Companies are nothing more than franchises that pay for the branding. The bottom line is that many local companies have superior equipment, superior training and better one on one customer service. The biggest difference is the use of National advertising for brand awareness. Do your home work and whether you choose a National or Local company ask the important questions that are featured on our Top Questions Section.

7.) MYTH: Dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning

FACT: Dry cleaning is great for light surface dirt, however the most widely recommended method approved by carpet manufacturers is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning will get down deep into the fibers and will break up the soil and extract it out leaving your carpets fresh as if they came out of your washing machine.

8.) MYTH: A portable electric machine will clean as good as a Truck Mounted machine.

FACT: A truck Mounted machine produces a great amount of pressure and suction that a portable machine just cannot do. Always choose a company that uses truck Mounted machines as this will leave your carpets dryer and cleaner. Now, be sure to go back to FACT NUMBER 2 and choose a company such as Go Green Carpet Clean that has qualified technicians.

9.) MYTH: All companies use the same techniques

FACT: While many companies use steam cleaning they may be using and inferior machine or using untrained technicians or even using chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Be sure to ask these questions prior to hiring any carpet cleaner and check out our Top Questions Section.

10.) MYTH: Mrs. Smith, I recommend a carpet brightener and our deep cleaning method

FACT: If any company offers you a carpet brightener or deep cleaning method run and run fast. There is no such thing as a carpet brightener other than cleaning and would you send your clothes to the cleaners and tell them to just lightly clean them? There is only one way to clean your carpets and that is to clean them thoroughly.





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